Artfitted designs are created from the original artworks of Toronto Artist, Ato Seitu.

Ato Seitu...a trailblazer within the Toronto Arts community since the 70's, is a prolific, intense, opinionated and passionate Graphic Fine Artist.  He is also a Community Activist and Youth Mentor.  Much of his work draws the eye to the face with all that it often reveals about the human soul.  Whether using fine lines painstakingly inked in black on white, or brilliant colors that pop from his art board, Ato Seitu is an artist whose creative voice is as distinct as every painting he has produced over the past 40 years.  Always keeping his paintbrushes and techniques on the pulse of current trends in urban culture, Seitu's work appeals to the young and young at heart. More than ever before his work as come to life!

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